David Goffin (@1.36) vs Pablo Carreno Busta (@2.87)

Our Prediction:

David Goffin will win

David Goffin – Pablo Carreno Busta Match Prediction | 19-09-2019 05:00

Even though this is pretty much a meaningless match for Dimitrov regarding reaching the semifinals, id expect him to win comfortably. Carreno Busta came out a little nervous against Thiem, so maybe hell be settled down for his second time playing. Brett:Grigor Dimitrov looks like the best player in the tournament right now.

These players have matched up with a lot on the line twice this season, at a Major and a Masters event, with Goffin coming out victorious. Thiems form is subpar right now, and although he topped Carreno Busta, is not at a point where he is playing as a top hard court player. Ryan:Thiem plays Goffin with the winner earning a spot in the semifinals. Goffin is in great form right now, and will be able to bounce back from a crushing defeat by Dimitrov.

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Goffin leads the H2H 6-3 including wins over Thiem at the Australian Open in back to back years. I dont give either player much of a chance to reach the final after they win this match, as neither look to be playing their best right now. Brett:These two are familiar with each other as this will be their 10th meeting.

Like we do for the Grand Slams, us at LastWordOnTennis are here to predict the biggest matches of the year for you. At the ATP Finals, that means every match. Picking these matches are myself (Yesh Ginsburg), Ryan Schick, and Brett Margolies. The sixth days matches feature Dominic Thiem against David Goffin for a spot in the semifinals, and Grigor Dimitrov against alternate Pablo Carreno Busta, who is replacing the injured Rafael Nadal.

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David Goffin

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Hes got a good serve and plays unusually good aggressive tennis for a player who one might think is better suited for clay. Carreno Busta has done well at the US Open in the past and he looks the best he has looked since his long injury break. Goffin hasnt had a chance to really fight and he can have mental lapses when he gets pushed by a tougher opponent. I expect a tie break and four sets here and that should get us the over. Goffin has been cake walking through this tournament so far, but this should be his toughest challenge yet.

Yesh:Carreno Busta earned his way into the alternate based on results early in the year. He has struggled in the last half of the season, and maybe could have used this opportunity to turn it around.

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Although the match is meaningless (aside from 200 rankings points and a ton of prize money), Carreno Busta does not have much of a shot at the upset given his current form. Ryan:Another match with nothing on the line, as Dimitrov has breezed into the semifinal and Carreno Busta lost his one match as an alternate.

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