Nagoya (@1.95) vs Oita (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Nagoya will win

Nagoya – Oita Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

After the topic was announced in spring, we have often heard that allowing the Affirmative to limit the plans to a more conservative system (such as the Oregonian system) may limit the ground for the Negative side too much.

Debaters should make speeches that is easy to follow for the judges: they should speak loud enough, care for the intonations, slow down and pause adequately. Debaters should observe the judges gestures and facial expression to check whether the judges are following their speeches. The speech speed in average should not exceed 150 words per minute. Thus the Constructive speeches should be maximum 600 words long. Especially, debaters should speak in an easy to follow speed.

Under the Basic income system (BI), the government provides a guaranteed minimum income equally to every citizen. As BI does not need the means test, it is argued to be more efficient and fairer than the current public security systems: Public (National) Pensions, Public Assistance, Employment Insurance, and the Child Benefit system. Needless to say, there are strong oppositions toward the BI system, such as huge spending or workability, etc. It is also argued from the viewpoint of preventing fiscal breakdown or population decrease. Basic income: A social security system which is planned to be introduced in Finland etc.

Handling of evidence

Please answer the below questionnaire askingwhich topics are appropriate. The HEnDA judging committee has narrowed down your suggestions to 5possible debate topics. Deletethe Yess if you think the topic is not suitable, vice versa. Thank you for suggesting wonderful debate topic ideas. If you thinks each of the suggested debatetopic is appropriate then answer Yes.( This is called Approvalvote system You can even agree to all of them or none of them.

I thought the other speeches were even. (Judges should compare the finally defended ADs/DAs. 4.Dont judge the winner by comparing the speeches: A bad reason for decision typically goes like this: Ill vote NEG, as I think the NEG Q/As and Attacks were wonderful.

After the full bloom, there will still be some flowers right? Because I arrive in Osaka April 1st, it says the Full Bloom is March 30 Hopefully Ill see some sakura, right? Thank you for this post! Thank you so much! Hi! I have a question. Tokyo apparently I wont be able to see any, because I arrive only April 10th.

If violations were found after the tournament, any awards given will be cancelled and prizes must be returned. If the team or its coaches (or its accompanying judge) violate the instructions, or if any violation of the rules 1.4.1 ~ 1.4.3 were found during the tournament, the team will be penalized. If the violation was judged as malignant, such as intentionally sabotaging the instructions or forging the information, all matches that the team partook will be considered as being defeated, and further participation to the rounds will not be permitted and lose the chance to be qualified to the finals. Teams and their coaches (or accompanying judges) are required to cooperate to the instructions of the tournament organizer.

The Debate Topic of the 13th All Japan High School English Debate Tournament in Fukui

Happy travels! We recommend you to check our 10 days in Japan: Travel itinerary for our best tips on how to make the most out of 10 days in Japan. Hi Annie! Should you want to make it coincide with the cherry blossom we recommend you to check this article for the lastest forecasts; however please note it is not exact science and that best viewing dates cannot be predicted.

Teachers and Judges should rather advice the debaters to delve into such points. Of course, this way of judging is unfair and not educational for the debaters. It is reported that some judge categorically refuses to weigh in such value issues. Whether we should acknowledge the right to choose when and how to end ones own life should be one of the very main issues of this debate.

Needless to say, students should behave in a morally appropriate manner for a high school student, according to the HEnDA Make Friends Pledge. At all times, we expect students and teachers to show the spirit of fair play. Lack of direct prohibitions does not mean you are allowed to do anything else. This rulebook provides only minimum requirements for debating.