Sport Huancayo (@2.4) vs Binacional (@2.55)

Our Prediction:

Sport Huancayo will win

Sport Huancayo – Binacional Match Prediction | 03-11-2019 18:15

Failure to earn points in this match all but kills their hopes to win the title. Binacional and Huancayo rank 4th and 5th respectively, and sit four points back of league-leading Alianza Lima. Can Binacional continue their red hot form, or will Sport Huancayo earn a key home win to stay in contention? With five more matches to go in the Clausura, things at the top of the table are beginning to tighten up.

bet365 has with 2.62 so far the highest odds for a tip on an away win of Binacional. The best odds for a home win are at the moment offered by bet365 with 2.37. The forecasts of the betting providers suggest the following chances: Win Sport Huancayo 42%, win Binacional 38%, draw 30%. Currently the betting providers expect Sport Huancayo to be in the lead. A tip of 10 will result in a win of 23,70 (which equals 13,70 profit).

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1,60 away goal scored the eleven of Roberto Mosquera on average this season, most of these were achieved in the second half. Binacional's most frequently played away 1:1, 2:0 or 0:1 in the present season. Last season, von Binacional finished with an average of 0 goals for and 0 against the team in in other stadiums. Overall, Binacional scored an average of 3,00 goals per away match.

The most often final score in their own stadium last season was 0:1, 2:1 or 2:0. Last season Sport Huancayo scored an average of 2,00 goals in their own stadium and had to accept 1,00 against.Home games usually ended 1:1, 2:0 or 2:3 in the previous season. Coach Carlos Ramacciotti's team tends to score in the second half time. This results in a total of 2,47 goals per game. Sport Huancayo currently scores an average of 1,27 goals per match at home and receives 1,20 goals.

Sport Huancayo vs Dep. Binacional

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While it was enough to draw ten matches, eleven five matches ended without points. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 5 times the guests took all points. In total Sport Huancayo won 12 out of 30 season games. The home record for the last six months shows five wins, two draws and two losses. In the last 6 months, the home team managed to win 10 out of 20 matches. In the last game Sport Huancayo won 2:4 against Alianza. In the current season, Sport Huancayo won 46.67% (7 out of 15) of the matches in their own stadium.